NAPSTA commends Govt for paying pre-school teachers

21 Nov 2013 13:20pm
ONGWEDIVA, 21 NOV (NAMPA) – The leadership of the Namibia Pre-School Teachers’ Association (NAPSTA) has commended Government for now also remunerating kindergarten teachers in the country.
Speaking to Nampa at Ongwediva in the Oshana Region this week, NAPSTA president Lovisa Kashima said her association is satisfied that the government has started paying allowances to teachers at some privately-owned kindergartens.
Previously, kindergarten teachers received remuneration from the parents of the children they are teaching at their respective private kindergartens.
“Our teachers suffered the consequences of parents being unable to pay for the education of their children at our kindergartens every month, as many of them (parents) in the rural areas are unemployed and have no monthly income to be able to remunerate the teachers accordingly,” Kashima explained.
This has also led to some kindergartens closing down.
According to Kashima, the government has heard the ‘cry’ of pre-school teachers for government to pay them monthly salaries, and Government started paying such allowances since January this year.
The government entrusted the Early Childhood Development Directorate of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare with the responsibility of the pre-school teachers’ allowance payments.
The NAPSTA leader pointed out that not all pre-school teachers are receiving allowance - only those at kindergartens identified by the line ministry.
“We are told by ministry officials that all pre-school teachers will be remunerated by the government depending on the availability of funds,” Kashima said.
However, NAPSTA is not satisfied with the way some Gender Equality and Child Welfare Ministry officials are selecting kindergartens.
“In certain regions, officials of the ministry are using favouritism to select teachers for the allowance,” the NAPSTA leadership claimed.
It added that this complaint has been communicated to senior officials of the ministry during a consultative meeting held last Friday at Ondangwa to discuss progress in the remuneration of kindergarten teachers by government.
Only pre-school teachers with Grade 12 qualifications and those who underwent pre-school teachers’ training at accredited institutions such as the Namibia Institute for Education Development (NIED), qualify for the government allowances.