WRP grab Katjavivi by the collar over party money

March 7, 2018, 6:29pm

The Workers Revolutionary Party has fumed over N$3.8 million worth of party funds which they claim are supposed to have come into their pockets but have allegedly been stolen by Speaker of Parliament, Peter Katjavivi, through a fraudulent parallel FNB bank account.

The party’s secretary, Hewat Beukes, in a letter addressed to the Electoral Commission of Namibia and made available to The Villager accuse the speaker of parliament for “extort(ing) money from the treasury on the pretext that it is the WRP’s parliamentary funds”.

The provision of party funds to WRP members has been marred by controversy as the National Assembly continue to recognise party members, Benson Poniso Kapaala and Salmon Fleermuys who Beukes maintains have long been recalled from the party.