|Hoa |Ara ||Aixa ||Aes pledges support to Nama Cultural Festival

07 Mar 2018 08:40am
REHOBOTH, 07 MAR (NAMPA) - The Chief of the |Hoa |Ara ||Aixa ||Aes Traditional Authority, Eduard Afrikaner has pledged his support to the organising committee of the Nama Cultural Festival slated for May.
This comes a week after the Swapo Hardap regional leaders, as well as the |Hai-|Khaua Junior Council, pledged their support for the festival to be held in Keetmanshoop from 24 to 27 May.
Afrikaner, in a statement availed to Nampa on Tuesday, said his traditional authority is delighted by the idea which was initiated by the youth.
“I condemn all rumours and propaganda that have been spread against the festival as total lies,” the chief said.
Nampa reported last week that the festival has been linked to the Landless People’s Movement.
The statement said it is the understanding of the |Hôa |Ara ||Aixa ||Aes that the Nama Cultural Festival is purely aimed at unifying the Nama people and celebrating their culture and tradition.
It further said that the festival is apolitical and aimed at sensitising the Nama communities on the preservation of their traditions and cultures which are on the brink of extinction.
It will additionally serve as a platform for the Namibian nation to exchange views and transfer their knowledge on the cultures and traditions of the Nama people amongst themselves.
The statement further quoted Afrikaner as saying his traditional authority fully supports the festival and wanted to assure Namibians that the festival has nothing to do with anybody's political affiliation and opinion, traditional affiliation or opinion, religious conviction or tribal association.
“We are hopeful that those that are in the political and social driving seats will invest their time and energy to pledge positive financial and material support for the first-ever Nama Cultural festival,” he said.