Government must set aside N$ 72 m for drought - Naruseb

March 7, 2018, 12:50am

The agriculture minister, Alpheus !Naruseb has said that the government must set aside sufficient funds estimated at N$72 million to buy-up the grains for the National Strategic Food Reserves when he delivered a ministerial statement at parliament yesterday. 

This follows an outbreak of Fall Armyworms last year in November that destroyed the government's green scheme irrigation projects at Etunda and Muses. 

“The crops planted in November 2017 are almost through the risk, however, for the crops planted in January and early February 2018 the risk of possible drought remains relatively higher due to low rainfall being experienced. The ministry would also require funds to intensify the spraying programme and to restock the projects affected by the Fall Armyworms,” he stated. 

He added that at present the ministry is estimating a total harvest of 16 091 metric tonnes from the green scheme projects with the exclusion of the Muses green scheme project which supplies maize to its own milling plant in Rundu.