March 6, 2018, 6:55 pm
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Being an interpreneuer for the past 11 years was not easy, but determination can lead to success. Kauko Tulela YaShatika struggle for so many years to live a better life. He has been working as a carpenter, welder, plumber, and can do the rest within construction industry. "I have been dreaming of becoming a soldier or a police officer to keep peace and order in my country ",said Tulela with a smile at his face in a police uniform. He got recruited in 2014 and currently working in Tsumeb. " I am happy to work as a police officer, eventhough its challenging when its becoming on attending armed robbery, but by God grace we can win this battle". He is urging all the Namibians regardless of gender or race to be loyal and law abiding citizen of the country, to keep peace and stability.