Drug dealer caught red-handed during house breaking

March 6, 2018, 5:02pm

An alleged drug dealer and cocaine addict had his luck run out yesterday when he was busted by the Marshall Rangers, a Volunteer Anti Poaching and Wild Life Conservation, Tourist Protection Unit while in the act of breaking into a Khomasdal house in Windhoek.

He was found in possession of stolen blankets which he was already selling to an unsuspecting buyer by the Namibia Marshall Rangers’ Malvin Jimu upon receiving a tip-off.

He could not determine the value of the stolen goods and immediately provide the name of the suspect although he confirmed that he is a 28-year old male.

The suspect was immediately taken into police custody after he had tried his luck at escaping, only to be caught in a nearby river bed hiding in grasses.

“I was in town when I was called that there is a house breaking in Khomasdal and I was the first person to be there. I use a car which is not marked and you wont see that there is something happening. He was selling already the blankets to someone and he had the money."