Bantu hip hop has a new kid on the block

March 6, 2018, 5:00pm

Rapper Panduleni Steven Biko Shihepo aka Yorhinuz Biko has released a single track from his album and with it a music video titled ‘Who is the Man’.

The new rapper also has plants to release his first album titled Afi-j in July this year.

The album will consist of 12 tracks where he will be featuring prominent artists such as Salvador, Tequila, TopCheri and Neslow.

He has so far worked with Exit on his CumLaude album where he featured on one of his tracks named ‘I just died in your arms tonight’.

The Villager set with the talented musician to get a depth of who he is.

Full name: Panduleni Steven Biko Shihepo

Stage name: Yorhinuz Biko

Sex: Male

Occupation: Comedian and Rapper

I started rapping in grade 4 and the first song was in 2015.

Featured exit on ‘I just died in your arms with Exit.

Where exactly did your inspiration for music come from?

I really don’t know because I follow my heart but I also come from a family with a music background.