Exploring the conscience of a rebel artist

March 6, 2018, 4:55pm

The mystery of common sense and the ability to dare find expression in the queer, the subversive and disruptive form of art is one grey area mainstream society finds no common ground of convergence, yet for Julia Hango, that seems to be fine.

In her latest exhibition, “Manifestations of the self”, the artist goes beyond the limits right into the wilderness of the mind to find the self before transforming her soul into the substance of the creative.

Hango re-ignites debate on the role of the artist in mainstream society and dashes off the window the conventional perception of what constitutes art and purpose thereof.

Hango is art, and she has boldly gone an extra mile to make that statement clear by taking on the moniker, “Juliart”, that the essence of humanity can be a subject of awe.

She unleashes new patterns of aesthetics by shunning to recreate, but to rather, suggestively, deliberately exit the self and let her body be the wafting singular granule of art.