Ueitele wants more involvement in regional development

06 Mar 2018 15:30pm
GOBABIS, 06 MAR (NAMPA) – Omaheke Regional Governor, Festus Ueitele has slammed the serial absenteeism of various stakeholders from regional consultation platforms.
Ueitele, who was speaking during the official opening of the first Ordinary Regional Council meeting here on Tuesday, said such absenteeism borders on a lack of interest in matters of regional development.
He singled out regional council meetings and gatherings convened by the council such as the Regional Aids Coordinating Committee gathering, among others.
Ueitele said various stakeholders such as regional heads of ministries and government agencies are required to be present at such gatherings in order to give their input on critical development agenda points.
The fired up governor, who uncharacteristically spoke off the cuff on the day, said it was also disheartening to see a lack of interest by members of the public in regional council matters.
He made reference to the occasion at hand, which was mainly only attended by staff members of the council, the governor’s office and the media.
“People should start showing interest in the development of their own region and show up at these meetings. They are the same people that will be blaming the councillors for not performing, but when the councillors convene to tackle matters, you are nowhere to be seen,” he said.
Ueitele cautioned that the apparent lack of interest in development matters by stakeholders and the public at large could have detrimental effects on the pace of service delivery and programme implementation.
“We cannot come and talk to ourselves during such critical meetings. The public must come and hear first-hand information on what is planned for them; stop being onlookers and join us,” he said.
The governor called upon all residents of the region to take on an active role in its development, as leaving it all to councillors will not solve the myriad of developmental challenges facing Omaheke.
“This is the regional Parliament and everyone is welcome to come and observe activities here. If we don’t do that, this building would have been constructed in vain,” he noted.