Nicanor disappointed by favouritism rumours at Veterans ministry

March 4, 2018, 4:29pm

Veteran affairs deputy minister, Hilma Nicanor, has called her underlings to order after catching wind that some of her staff members were fast forwarding applications of those they knew, which is tantamount to corruption.

Speaking to the ministry workers at their first staff opening day last week, Nicanor said such acts should be buried and disassociate from what the ministry represents.

“I am disappointed by perceptions that staff members are fast forwarding applications of those known to them to be approved first at the expense of the applications that have been received first.”

 “I hope this is not true, and remain allegations, because if it is the case, it goes against the value of transparency as enshrined by article 18 of the Namibian constitution which is aimed at advocating for administrative justice,” said the deputy minister.

Getting off his prepared speech, Nicanor rapped, “We are not here to promote favouritism! But these things are being said in the public.”