Innovation makes inroads in local tax industry as Piggiback enters market

March 4, 2018, 3:52pm

Namibia’s unregulated and often haphazard public transport industry is fast going digital and with the entrance of Piggiback, a pro-Uber user friendly taxi-app already operating in the coast, business is likely to be unusual.

Before The Villager even broke the news of the LEFA tax-app finding a niche market in the capital buoyed by Namibia Breweries’ support, Piggiback co-founder Nikolai Kaufmann was already operating.

Kaufmann, who rather prefers to be called by his smooth name says his application should rather be seen to be Namibia’s first and original mobile app ride requesting service.

Driven by nothing short of the sheer zeal to disrupt the industry and make Namibia catch up with the rest of the world, the start-up has managed to get off its feet without a heavy corporate backing and adequate funding.

“We had to save up from our salaries,” Nikolai’s voice dominates the phone speakers as he speaks with this reporter from his coastal base.

And that is why nobody heard about Nikolai and his co-founder, Gerald Hatton, who happens to be a floor manager of one of the fledging shops in the area.