Swapo Central Committee to deliberate on Congress audit petition

March 2, 2018, 8:04pm

Swapo Party Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa, in a response to the Congress results audit petition, has said that the matter will be addressed by the Central Committee. 

In a response letter to Mirjam Shituula, Selma Namboga, Nambata Angula and Seth Boois, Shaningwa reminded that procedures for an election petition are regulated under the Swapo Party rules and procedures for election of party office-bearers and party representatives at legislative and government levels. 

In the letter dated 28 February 2018, Shaningwa said, “The item will be placed on the agenda of the Central Committee as per the rules. I also wish to inform you that the merits thereof will be considered by the appropriate organs of the Swapo Party, in this case the Central Committee. May I, however, kindly inform you that it will be highly appreciated if you could comply with the procedures contained in the rules.”