Windhoek headed for another water shortage disaster

March 1, 2018, 4:49pm

Another crippling water crisis is predicted to hit the City of Windhoek any time as the weekly water watch has reflected constant higher consumption, City of Windhoek has warned.

The unsustainable water consumption levels are being worsened by a noted limited inflow of the three-main water supply dams, namely Swakoppoort, Omatako and Von Bach Dam to Windhoek.

The city has noted that the limited inflow in these sources is quite alarming and remain a major concern which could send Windhoek dry if the situation is to continue unchecked.

“So far the rainy season has not yielded satisfactory water inflow into the dams. Should current conditions prevail, (the) city will be headed towards another critical water shortage phase and with no long term solutions identified to curb the water shortfalls, (the) city will have not (many) options but to resort back to pumping more water from the aquifer and to urge residents to continue implementing water saving measures so that the city does not run dry,” said the municipality.