Murder convict asks judge not to send him to prison

01 Mar 2018 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 01 MAR (NAMPA) - A Windhoek resident found guilty of stabbing his student pastor girlfriend to death in 2014, on Thursday asked High Court Judge Naomi Shivute not to send him to prison.
In his evidence in mitigation of sentencing, Andre Fidel Dausab told Shivute a direct custodial sentence will destroy his life and chances of contributing to uplifting the living conditions of Namibians through his skills in electronic and computer technology.
The 37-year-old Dausab, who is a qualified computer technician, pleaded with the court to show him mercy by imposing a lenient punishment and not to hand down a long custodial sentence that will destroy his chances of rehabilitation and planned contribution to the living standards of his people.
“I want this court to impose a lenient sentence in the form of payment of a fine. I also want this court to issue an order that I am guaranteed full access to computers so that I can do business to make money and financially support my family and the family of the deceased should I be sent to prison,” he said.
He said he is prepared to pay a fine of N.dollars 1.6 million for causing the death of Motlamme Gotaone if the court gives him the chance to do so.
“Sending me to prison for a long custodial punishment is just like killing someone,” said Dausab.
He also informed the court that he is not in agreement with the judge’s decision to find him guilty of murder with direct intent to kill.
Dausab is representing himself after he terminated the service of his State-funded defence lawyer Brownell Uirab on 30 August 2017 just before the lawyer was about to present evidence in mitigation of sentencing before court.
He alleged that the lawyer did not represent him honestly and to the best of his ability.
Dausab was on 25 July 2017 found guilty of murder with direct intent to kill in respect of the death of Gotaone, who was 33 when she died at the United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum Campus in Windhoek on 22 February 2014.
At the time, Shivute said Dausab declared his intention to kill Gotaone a day before the incident when he sent her text messages threatening to kill her if she ended their relationship.
The judge dismissed Dausab’s defence that he was suffering from temporary non-pathological insanity or criminal incapacity before and while committing the crime.
A post-mortem showed a broken knife was found stuck in the deceased’s back. She had 27 stab wounds all over her body.
Dausab is a first-time offender with no previous criminal offences.