Villagers attack driver over death of four-year-old boy

01 Mar 2018 16:10pm
RUNDU, 01 MAR (NAMPA) – Villagers at the Kakoro village in the Kavango West Region attacked a Chinese man who accidentally ran over and killed a four-year-old boy with his vehicle on Tuesday.
The incident happened on the Nkurenkuru main road, the Namibian Police Force's Commander for the region, Commissioner Josephat Abel told Nampa on Thursday.
Abel said the incident happened when the boy’s mother crossed the road, leaving him on the other side of the road. The boy then ran across the road following his mother, and was hit by the car.
He died on the spot.
“The driver of the vehicle is a Chinese national, who is a resident of the town of Rundu. After the accident of course he stopped but was attacked by the villagers,” Abel explained.
This, he said, prompted the police to intervene. However, they too were attacked by the villagers with sticks and stones.
“What is worrisome for me is the attitude of our villagers and how they react to accidents that happen on our national roads. This looks like a trend, particularly in the Kavango regions. These types of attacks are not happening for the first time,” he said, calling the behaviour of the villagers as unlawful.
He further stressed that accidents can happen to anyone.
“The public should stop taking the law into their own hands. They are not the ones entitled to react to accidents just to create other accidents,” he added.
Six people were arrested and are expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.
“I would like to give a stern warning to the public that they must refrain from attacking drivers or whoever may be in involved in the accident,” he said.
Abel also called on parents to be more careful and attentive when crossing the road with their children.
The police, he said, will leave no stone unturned in dealing with members of the public who take the law into the own hands.