Independence Day, a Harambee moment for Tsumeb - Spokesperson

February 26, 2018, 5:02pm

Tsumeb municipality’s strategic liaison officer, Stella Imalwa-Nangolo, has said the convergence of Namibians from all regions into Tsumeb for the independence celebrations will bring huge business benefits for the town.

The town, located in the Oshikoto region, will be hosting the celebrations for the first time in its history and Nangolo said this means a lot for the residents who are gearing up businesses to cater for arrivals.

“I believe this is really an opportune time for everybody to take this opportunity and give their best. This is the time to shine. For the town of Tsumeb we must really make the best out of this.”

“If we have been known as the cleanest town, this is the time tom show everybody who is coming that actually its true, we are the cleanest town,” she said in an exclusive engagement with The Villager. 

Nangolo says the town has the best services on offer which positions hospitality service providers and merchants very well to capitalise on the influx of visitors on the day.