Shaningwa opens open market and fire station at Outapi

25 Feb 2018 10:50am
OUTAPI, 25 FEB (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, through its Local Economic Development Agency, assisted the Outapi Town Council in the Omusati Region to establish its third open market.
Outgoing Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa said this whilst officially inaugurating the new Anamulenge Open Market as well as a fire station at Outapi on Saturday.
The two facilities will be expanded in the near future and were constructed to the tune of N.dollars 5.9 million and N.dollars 3.6 million respectively, Shaningwa said.
Some 48 former street vendors have already been allocated stalls in the open market, but the idea is to accommodate about 200 micro traders once the council secures more funds to put up additional business spaces, she said.
“Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of every country’s economy, because it is through this sector that our upcoming businessmen and women practice their business acumen and create wealth to enable them to meet their daily needs,” stated Shaningwa.
She said other projects such as the Oshiko Open Market in Ongwediva, municipal bungalows and swimming pools in Ruacana and Business Centre and welcoming signage in Okahao, were also completed through the Local Economic Development Agency.
Outapi with 208 micro traders and Onhimbu with 249 micro traders are the other open markets established at Outapi, while the fourth open market to accommodate those who are still doing business in the street is also in the pipelines.
“If these figures can be emulated by all town councils, village councils and settlements in Namibia, then one will be able to see why SMEs are one of the important tools that we have to use in fighting unemployment, poverty and improving the living standard of our people,” Shaningwa explained.
She called on the people to take proper care of the open markets for the use of current and future generations.
“Keep them clean and tidy at all times,” Shaningwa urged.