Keetmanshoop residents excited about new shopping centre

20 Nov 2013 15:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 20 NOV (NAMPA) – Residents of the southern town of Keetmanshoop are excited about the new shops that opened for business at the Old Mutual Shopping Centre recently.
Shops like Jet, Markhams, The Crazy Store, Clicks, Fashion Express, Style, Beaver Canoe and Exact have already started doing business at the N.dollars 92 million shopping centre, and more business are expected to open their doors to customers before Christmas.
The construction of the Old Mutual Shopping Centre started in June last year and the business complex was to welcome tenants before the end of this year.
When Nampa visited the shopping centre on Tuesday, some of the people who were doing their early Christmas shopping there said the new shopping complex is a blessing, as they would no longer need to travel the 500 kilometres to Windhoek just for shopping.
A few residents wanted to know when the whole centre would be fully opened, saying they had read in some newspapers that the new shopping complex was supposed to have been opened on 01 November 2013 already.
Clarifying this matter, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Operations at Old Mutual Namibia Sakaria Nghikembua on Tuesday said his company did not give anyone a specific date for the official opening.
“We never told anyone about an official opening in November. We promised that the centre will be open for trading before Christmas. The official opening will only take place as soon as everybody has settled in,” he replied.
Meanwhile, several Keetmanshoop residents said they are not in the least bothered by the delay in the official opening of the entire shopping centre, as long as they are able to buy clothes and other necessities at the shops that have already been opened.
“I heard from people in the location that the centre is open, so I decided to come and see for myself. This is indeed a very welcome development,” said a man who only gave his name as Tshatumbu, while standing in-front of Exact.
Festus Shilimela said he came to the shopping centre to do some window shopping and to see how big the place really is.
“I did not buy anything yet. I just came here to see how the place looks like. People said it is small but I can now see that it is actually very big. We are really excited, the centre is not officially open but you can see we are already here,” Shilimela told Nampa.
Lesley Klim was on his way to drop his curriculum vitae for a job at Beaver Canoe, when Nampa stopped him to get his views on the new shopping centre.
Klim said he is thankful that the project has brought employment to the southern town, and he called on other young people to come and apply for jobs at the centre, now that the shops are opening.
“We should thank people such as Governor Bernardus Swartbooi for bringing this centre and employment to us. Now we do not have to go to Windhoek anymore because they brought Windhoek to us,” a joyful Klim said.
Other businesses that are expected to open their doors at the centre by the end of this month are Spur Steak Ranches, Shoprite Namibia, Foschini, Legit Clothing store, KFC, Edgars, Mr Price and Hungry Lion.