Khoekhoegowab workshop held in capital

23 Feb 2018 14:25pm
WINDHOEK, 23 FEB (NAMPA) – The Director of Education in the Khomas Region, Gerard Vries said it is imperative that good cooperation between all stakeholders be enhanced in order to maximise and popularise language instruction.
Vries was speaking at the fourth Khoekhoegowab workshop, which was held here on Friday.
The one-day workshop was held to celebrate the International Mother Language Day, which takes place on 21 February annually.
Vries explained that concerted efforts such as the workshop will complement the existing programmes of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and help the development and popularisation of the language.
He said the workshop will create an extended learning and skills development platform, where teachers and language experts can expand on their knowledge and skills.
Vries noted that the workshop will create awareness on the importance of local languages in fostering identity, pride and cultural diversity in support of the Nationhood and National Pride campaign.
The workshop will also, according to Vries, support government’s efforts to develop Namibian languages in accordance with the broader objective of the African Languages and Indigenous Knowledge development agenda.
The workshop focused on the challenges and opportunities of Khoekhoegowab teacher training, understanding and implementing the new Khoekhoegowab curriculum and the status of Khoekhoegowab literature and material development.
The workshop was attended by curriculum developers, researchers and writers.