Namibia may need to start planting different crops

20 Nov 2013 11:30am
KUWAIT, 20 NOV (NAMPA) – It is important that Namibia as a country should start speaking about the issue of food security, particularly now that the country is faced by the worst drought ever in 30 years.
This was the view of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Peya Muyshelenga before the official opening of the Third Africa-Arab Summit here on Tuesday.
Mushelenga told Nampa that amongst some of the bilateral issues discussed like migration and culture, his emphasis still remains on agricultural issues.
It is for this reason that during their discussions, the Namibian government called upon the Arab countries as they are better-advanced than African countries to assist Namibia in terms of skills and technology transfer in order to develop agricultural projects and irrigation schemes.
“With assistance in this sector, we will be able to produce enough crops to feed our people. We need technology, and our people need training, especially now with the issue of climate change,” he stressed.
Mushelenga furthermore indicated that Namibia may need to start planting other crops which can adapt to the changing climate, before stating that when they are cooperating with Arab countries, these are the issues that need urgent attention.
Kuwait exports plant fertilizers, although it has little arable land, thus preventing reliance on the agricultural sector.
“Did you know that Kuwait’s population of immigrants are by far more than the nationals?”, he asked in reference to the issue of migration also discussed here.
The deputy minister said naturally at times, immigrants in a country are not treated in a manner which is comparable with international standards and norms.
Thus, the summit called on both citizens of a country and the authorities to respect immigrants, wherever they may find themselves.
The Africa-Arab Summit ends on Wednesday.
It is focussing on the areas of political security, peace, food security, migration, trade, investment, private sector development, infrastructure and the role of women in development.
Namibia is being represented here by Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku, accompanied by Mushelenga.