MTC ploughs N$2.8 million to community through SMS challenge

February 21, 2018, 6:50pm

Namibia’s leading mobile operator, MTC has invested a total of N$2.8 million dollars back to the community through an SMS challenge set to roll to life with effect from today, said the company’s Corporate Communications Practitioner John Ekongo.

Speaking to The Villager at the launch event attended by the media, Ekongo said the campaign runs until the 18th of April.

“Each day in 56 days we will be giving out N$50 000 to subscribers. Now how do you participate? You simply answer the question, what is Namibia’s first mobile operator, and the answer is what you choose to say and you SMS it to the number 3 000,” he said.

Ekongo said the challenge and the huge prices are part of the company’s corporate sustainable investment meant to prop up MTC’s vast clientele within the community

“The question for us is, why do we do this? This is $2.8 million. MTC could have used this money to sponsor an event but we thought otherwise, to say why not give that money back to the community? It’s to appreciate and that appreciation can not only be in words. It should have an impact,” he said.