Parliament was action packed in 2017-IPPR...with few bills passed

February 21, 2018, 6:44pm

The Institute for Public Policy Research has marked 2017 as an eventful year for the Namibian parliament marked by fierce debates and walk outs by the opposition with one head chopped off Swapo’s ministerial list. 

“MPs discussed a range of new laws, asked Ministers more than 150 questions, and debated fiercely. In fact, several times things got so heated that some opposition members walked out. Swapo also saw some turmoil, withdrawing Bernadus Swartbooi from his parliamentary position, after he had become increasingly critical of the party in public, and replacing him with Paula Kooper,” says the local think-tank’s researcher, Max Weylandt. 

While a list of bills was published in January, not everything went according to plan with a small number making it through parliament.

IPPR says that in its earlier publication, they had warned that only a small number of these usually make it through Parliament.