Kuwaiti leader calls on Africa-Arab Summit to tackle Syrian issu

20 Nov 2013 08:40am
KUWAIT, 20 NOV (NAMPA) – The ruler of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah called on the Third Africa-Arab Summit to urgently address the tragic situation in Syria.
Sabah made the call during the official opening of the summit, which is taking place here from Tuesday to Wednesday this week.
Close to 63 Africa-Arab countries are attending the summit.
It is aimed at highlighting the true friendship and cooperation between the two regions, and will also focus on boosting cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, investments and partnerships between civil society institutions.
It will also include further coordination of the Arab-African positions towards political issues of common interest, especially regional security and peace.
“An urgent and painful question that we must address in this forum is the tragic situation in Syria, where the machine of death is killing the people of Syria.
Casualties rise daily, and the destruction of all aspects of life is multiplying,” he stated.
The Kuwaiti leader noted that according to the United Nations (UN), the death toll surpassed 100,000 in June 2013, and reached 120,000 by September 2013.
In addition, the report indicated that tens of thousands of protesters have been imprisoned, and there are reports of widespread torture and terror.
More than four million Syrians have been displaced, more than two million have fled their country and become refugees, whilst millions more are left in poor living conditions with shortages of food and drinking water.
The situation, Sabah informed the summit, places a huge burden on the receiving States, and on agencies concerned with displaced persons.
“My country has responded to the appeal of the Secretary-General of the UN Ban Ki-moon to convene a second pledging conference for Syria at the beginning of next year,” he added.
According to him, the appeal from Ban Ki-moon also follows his country’s huge success with the first pledging conference, which took place in January 2013.
The country ensured pledges of up to 1.6 billion dollars (N.dollars 16 billion).
The Kuwaiti leader further called on the Security Council as the entity responsible for maintaining international peace and security to unite in these circumstances by agreeing on a plan that would put an end to the fighting in Syria.
“Thus, I call upon participating parties in this summit to work honestly and sincerely in order to reach a political solution, bearing in mind the humanitarian catastrophe that befell the Syrian people,” he urged.