Game rangers monitoring elephant spotted at Okongue

21 Feb 2018 11:00am
SWAKOPMUND, 21 FEB (NAMPA) - Villagers in Okongue in the Omatjete area are living in fear of a lone elephant which has been spotted around the village for the past few days.
Senior Councillor and spokesperson of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority in Omatjete, Fabianus Uaseuapuani, told Nampa on Wednesday the animal is old and lonely and in search of food.
It was also seen at surrounding villages such as Omutiuanduko and Okaseraue on Tuesday.
“People are scared because the elephant can come straight to the borehole, even when there are people,” he said.
The traditional leader said fortunately no one has been injured so far and there has also not been extensive damage to property. The elephant has however damaged a few pipes at boreholes.
Uaseuapuani said game rangers from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism are in the area to monitor the situation and perhaps drive the animal away.
“I also received a report that a herd of elephants was spotted at Okonjanja last week, so people are scared because last year someone was killed by an elephant at Omatjete,” he said.
He cautioned community members to stay vigilant and watch out for the animals.
Villagers can also inform his office or the game rangers when they see elephants near their houses.