Municipality approves more building plans...while construction continue with struggles

February 20, 2018, 5:50pm

The municipality of the city of Windhoek’s number of approved plans increased in January on a monthly basis, Simonis Storm Securities has announced.

Junior analyst at the brokerage firm, Indileni Nanghonga says, “The number of building plans approved within the Windhoek municipal area by January 2018 recorded a 12-month growth of 0.5% to 1979 units, compared to a contraction of 29.4% in the prior year.”

On a monthly basis, building plans approved increased by 32.8% compared to a 49.0% decline recorded in the prior month.

In addition, the number of buildings completed increased by 40.2% y-o-y to 628 units in January 2018 compared to a contraction of 11.3% in the prior year.

On a monthly basis, buildings completed increased by 49.0%, extending the increase of 37.0% recorded in the prior month.