Standard Bank, union reach negotiation deadlock

20 Feb 2018 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 20 FEB (NAMPA) – Wage and benefits negotiations between the Bank Workers Union of Namibia (BAWON) and Standard Bank Namibia for the 2017/2018 financial year have reached a deadlock.
The two negotiating parties declared a deadlock after the bank refused to agree to a proposed eight per cent wage increase by the union.
BAWON’s national coordinator, Chiteta Kaleji told a media conference on Wednesday, the union proposed an eight per cent basic salary increase across the board, however, Standard Bank would only settle for seven per cent.
The union further asked for transport and rental (housing) allowance to be increased to N.dollars 350 and N.dollars 1 200 respectively.
However, the bank proposed an increase from N.dollars 231 to N.dollars 245 for transport and an increase from N.dollars 577.50 to N.dollars 635 for the rental allowance.
Standard Bank also maintained the current contribution split of 70 per cent of the medical aid while the remaining 30 per cent will be paid by the employees on the basis that this benefit is well aligned to market and competitiveness.
Kaleji said that as a result of the deadlock between the two negotiating bodies, a notice of dispute of interests was filed with the Office of the Labour Commissioner on 02 February 2018.