Recognise all bomb blast victims on the same day: Nambala

20 Feb 2018 16:10pm
OSHAKATI, 20 FEB (NAMPA) – Bishop Shekutaamba Nambala of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) wants the remembrance of all victims and survivors of bomb blast incidents which took place during the war for the liberation of the country, to be held on the same day.
Nambala noted during the commemoration at Oshakati on Monday in honour of nearly 30 people who died and some 70 survivors of the First National Bank (FNB) bomb blast on 19 February 1988, that hosting such remembrances on separate platforms need to be done away with.
“Is Cassinga Day held on 04 May annually not sufficient for us to remember all liberation struggle victims of bomb blasts,” he wanted to know.
The management of FNB Namibia hosts a remembrance of the victims and survivors of the bank bomb blast at Oshakati each year on 19 February.
Nambala said he has a record of 1 087 tragic incidents in which people died or were injured in bomb blasts all over the country before independence. As such, he felt it inappropriate to single out the FNB bomb explosion victims and remember them separately.
“We might be blamed one day that we are pulling one side by recognising only the victims and survivors of this explosion, while there are other Namibians who have died or survived similarly elsewhere,” Nambala cited.
Delivering a keynote address at the commemoration, former President Hifikepunye Pohamba said the FNB bomb blast cannot be easily forgotten or erased from Namibians’ memories.
“That cruel attack targeting, as it did, innocent civilians, took place merely a year before the signing of the United Nations Resolution 435, which ushered in the full implementation of our country’s independence plan,” Pohamba stated.
He said it was clearly a barbaric attempt to derail Swapo’s efforts in gathering momentum towards independence.
“Despite such attacks, the Namibian people remained determined and united to march together towards freedom, independence and nationhood, which were attained on 21 March 1990,” said Pohamba.
Local businessman, Ben Zaaruka went public at the event disclosing for the first time that he is also one of the survivors of the FNB bomb blast.