Mariental Municipality faces administrative and financial challenges

20 Feb 2018 15:20pm
REHOBOTH, 20 FEB (NAMPA) – The Municipality of Mariental faces challenges related to lack of funds and in the provision of serviced land to its residents in all income categories.
Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Nghiwilepo highlighted this to Nampa in an interview on Tuesday.
He explained that the cash flow problem remains the biggest challenge hampering the implementation of the council’s programmes and activities.
“Non-payment for municipal services delivered continue to hamstring our operations at all levels,” he added.
Nghiwilepo said the municipality received close to 800 applications for land and housing in the past four years.
During this period, it has been concentrating on the Mass Housing Development Programme, while the Build Together (BT) programme was in limbo, he said, noting that the local council currently is in the process of reviving the BT programme.
“We have sold land to private developers to service land and to build houses and also availed land to the Shack Dwellers Federation to build houses for their members,” Nghiwilepo remarked.
The CEO further said that Mariental town will have an extension that will be developed while the Empelheim residential area will follow with an extension that will be developed for low cost housing.
On the issue of land grabbing, Nghiwilepo said the municipality experiences sporadic cases of land grabs, but is dealing with those with the help of the Namibian Police Force.
He quickly warned residents that land grabbing will not be tolerated and allowed anymore.
Mariental has a population of 16 000 residents.