At 39, Paulus Moses not retiring any time soon

February 19, 2018, 5:35pm

After a huge loss in the United States at the hands of Raymundo Beltran which has seen Paulus “The Hitman” Moses without any belt, the boxer has adamantly brushed off chances of him retiring anytime soon despite his advanced age of 39.

The former WBA Lightweight champion of the world came a few inches within grabbing a vacant WBO Lightweight belt when he was defeated by Beltran in the States.

At a meeting with journalists yesterday in the capital, The Hitman said he was still fit and ready to bounce back in the ring, and face Beltran in a rematch if possible.

“I’m still ok, my body is still moving. I’m still fine. Now I am just going back ho and rest a bit, talk to my manager and see what is next,” he said. 

Explaining how he lost out in the final rounds after having started off brilliantly, Moses said he was looking for a knock out and had to soften a little on punches.