Oshilemba school learners facing demon attacks

19 Nov 2013 15:40pm
ONGWEDIVA, 19 NOV (NAMPA) – Parents of children who are attending school at Oshilemba Combined School in the Omusati Region, have called on churches to rescue their children from demon spirits haunting the school.
One of the parents, Mwayela Aksel, made the appeal in a telephonic interview with Nampa from Oshilemba Combined School on Tuesday.
Aksel told this news agency that children of that school have been suffering from what is believed to be demonic attacks in the form of snakes since 2011, and this has led to serious disruptions in their education since then.
Some parents are said to have decided to remove their children from the school altogether.
It is believed that the female learners are the ones mostly affected by these attacks.
Oshilemba Combined School is a rural school, situated in the west of the Omusati Region’s Tsandi Constituency.
Aksel said a parents’ meeting held at the Oshilemba village on Monday resolved to call for the intervention of any church which is able to save the children “by conducting a prayer to chase the demons away”.
She indicated that the demonic attacks are not only causing problems for the children at the school, but also for the entire community of Oshilemba which is now living in fear, anger and frustration.
“We are currently seriously disturbed by the situation under which our children are living at that school and, as such, we have opted to seek help from any church organisation,” said Aksel, whose child is also said to have been affected by the demon attack.
She said the children often faint and scream while claiming that they are being bitten by snakes coming from a thorn tree on the premises of the school.
“The children are fainting, screaming of fear and running around in madness as a result of the demon spirit troubling them and they only get better when they leave the school grounds,” Aksel explained.
The Omusati Regional Councillor for the neighbouring Onesi Constituency, Titus Kanyele told this news agency that he also saw the children collapsing and crying when he visited that school some two weeks ago.
The school principal was not immediately available for comment.