Chichi and Ukz welcomes second album

February 18, 2018, 6:22pm

XAfro Pop and Dancehall upcoming duo Chichi and Ukz who goes by their real names as Kuutondokwa Jason and Amukoshi Vaino have just re-jumpstarted their music career with a second album titled ‘We are done’.

The duo who grew up together in Oshakati started doing music while still in Primary School and have not looked back ever since.

Speaking to Vibe, Chichi said the 14-track album was dropped in December and have featured musicians such as Jomolizo, Maestro, Epuka and many others.

Although the Duo already have an album under their name titled Difference Chichi said the second album is likely considered as their first because it has not gotten the necessary exposure.

“Me and Ukz actually started doing music while in primary school at the Omukwa Primary School a village which is few kilometres out of Oshakati. After realising that we have the same passion, we decided to do music together,” he explained.

After completing their high school, the duo moved to Windhoek in 2009 for greener pastures.