One life lost in car accident in Kavango West

18 Feb 2018 14:30pm
RUNDU, 18 FEB (NAMPA) – One person died in a car accident in the Kavango West Region on Saturday.
The accident occurred just outside Mpungu, the Namibian Police Force's Regional Commander for the region, Commissioner Josephat Abel said on Sunday.
He said the driver of the vehicle hit a cow and lost control over the vehicle, which then overturned.
There were three passengers and one, a man, died on the spot while another was critically injured.
Abel said drivers should be aware that they are in a communal area where there is no fencing to keep animals from the roads.
“Drivers should be careful when using our roads as there are many animals in our area,” he said.
Abel further complained about the lack of road signs in his region, especially in areas such as this where livestock is quite abundant.
“We will approach the Roads Authority and ask them to erect signs for the motorists,” he said.