PDM congratulates South Africans on Zuma resignation

16 Feb 2018 16:10pm
MARIENTAL, 16 FEB (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) congratulated the people of South Africa (SA) for having achieved the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma.
Zuma resigned on Wednesday after the African National Congress (ANC) as an organisation put pressure on him to resign, paving the way for Cyril Ramaphosa to become the fifth President of SA.
Ramaphosa who served as the Deputy President of SA, was elected as the president of the ANC at a congress held late last year and was elected unopposed as country President this week.
PDM’s Parliamentarian Vipuakuje Muharukua in a statement issued on Friday said Zuma has throughout his terms brought the highest office in disrepute with an accumulation of criminal charges against him and countless allegations of corruption and State capture.
“The office held by the President dictates that it should depict the highest moral values and conduct of the most ethical manner. President Zuma ought to have resigned as soon as the allegations that dogged him over his two terms surfaced,” Muharukua stressed.
The ANC, he continued, should never have allowed him to assume the highest office as allegations of criminal conduct surfaced years before the former President took office.
“The ANC cannot be credited with the ‘fall of President Zuma’ as if it is not the faulty product to SA or as if the ANC genuinely dealt with corruption and State capture,” Muharukua said.
While congratulating the opposition in SA for the milestone in influencing the democratic dispensation of that nation, Muharukua called on all opposition parties in Namibia to give Namibians new hope by uniting against corruption, joblessness, and poverty.