Lack of land delaying clinic and crèche projects at Lüderitz

19 Nov 2013 06:50am
KEETMANSHOOP, 19 NOV (NAMPA) – The unavailability of land is said to be the only delay in the planned construction of a clinic and crèche for the Area 7 informal settlement at Lüderitz.
Area 7 falls within the !Nami≠Nüs Constituency of the //Karas Region.
Speaking to Nampa in a telephonic interview on Tuesday, !Nami≠Nüs councillor Jan Scholtz said on 02 May this year already, he requested the Lüderitz Town Council to allocate free land for the clinic project.
Construction work will thus start as soon as the council allocates land for the clinic.
“We have received full commitment from the Anglo-American Namibia Foundation that they are willing to fund the clinic project fully.
We are just waiting for feedback from the council. It is not a matter of just talking, we want to push development. If the donor is already willing, why can’t we do it?” Scholtz asked rhetorically.
He noted that the planned clinic will be the second in this harbour town as they currently only have one clinic and a State hospital.
“We want to construct this clinic, as it will be strategically located for people in Amilema, Nautilus and Area 7. They will not walk long distances to the old clinic, which is about two kilometres away from them,” the politician stated.
The current situation at the only available clinic is bad, as patients queue from 09h00 to 15h00 just to see a doctor.
“People wait for so long at the clinic for a doctor to come, as Lüderitz only has three doctors who first start at the hospital before one comes to the clinic after lunch,” he explained.
The councillor further said his office and the //Karas Regional Council (KRC) will soon install 50 electricity boxes in houses at Area 7, where 80 per cent of the residents do not have electricity.
These 50 boxes will cost N.dollars 120 000 in total.
Responding to plans to build a crèche in Area 7, Maria Mutilifa, who is the founder and caretaker of the Gabriel Pham Crèche in Lüderitz said she has been requesting the town council for free land since 2009.
“I asked the town council in 2009, 2010 and even last Friday, but they told me that they will discuss the request on Thursday this week. We need to start another crèche, as the one I am running now is overcrowded. I have 80 children,” she told Nampa.
The constituency office and some private companies which Scholtz did not want to reveal at this movement will fund the crèche to the tune of N.dollars 150 000.
The public relations officer (PRO) of the Lüderitz Town Council, Shali Akwaanyenga on Monday confirmed that the requests for land had been received.
“I confirm that the requests were received, and that we are just waiting for them to be tabled at the council meeting,” he said briefly.