We are nowhere near a one nation - Ombudsman Advocate...as he calls for a moral revolution that unites races and tribes

February 15, 2018, 5:50pm

Namibia's Ombudsman Advocate, John Walters, in an exclusive engagement with The Villager, has come out to say the country is still far from being united due to bad race relations, tribalism and remnants of apartheid within societies. 

Walters, who blamed the colonial apartheid regime for racially profiling Namibians, has called for a rise of a moral revolution that should seek to unite people.

“We are a nation divided on color lines, on racial lines, on tribal lines. If we want to be a one nation, we must call ourselves first Namibians and thereafter whatever you want to call yourself,” he said.

In a passionate elaboration of his ideas on how Namibia can take itself forward from the divisive scars of the past, the Advocate has called on for the citizenry to desist from racially classifying themselves. 

This, he says, is in spite of the reality that everybody has at one time harbored deep seated feelings of racial stereotyping.