Namibian youths on exchange programme return from Germany

14 Feb 2018 15:30pm
WINDHOEK, 14 FEB (NAMPA) – Namibian youths who were recently in Germany on a learner exchange programme, have described their experience as an eye-opener.
The learners formed part of an exchange programme sponsored by the German Embassy in Namibia.
Ten learners drawn from various schools were the latest intake of the programme, which aims to enhance their language and cultural knowledge and skills.
They left Namibia late last year and returned in mid-January.
A media statement issued by the German Embassy on Wednesday said through the exchange programme, learners assumed the role of ambassadors for the country and contributed significantly to overcoming mutual prejudices whilst building German-Namibian friendships.
German Ambassador Christian Schlaga and representatives of the Association of German School Societies in Namibia (AGDS), which also supports the programme, invited the learners on Monday to relate their experiences.
“I really enjoyed my time in Berlin and I made a lot of new friends,” Sebastian van Niekerk, a St Paul’s College learner said of his stay in Germany on behalf of his fellow learners.
Schlaga, on his part, praised the learner exchange programme as an important tool to foster understanding among students.
“There is nothing more beautiful than the exchange between young people. Namibian and German students are afforded the opportunity to learn the language as well as get to know the countries of their exchange partners, having new and exciting experiences along the way,” he said.
For several years now, the AGDS, in partnership with the German Cultural Relations Abroad, has made the 10 to 12 week stay for Namibian youth in Germany possible.
The 10 students, all of them ambitious learners of the German language, were hosted by German families and attended their exchange partners' schools for the duration of their stay.
In exchange, the Namibian learners will host exchange partners from Germany from June to September, who wish to get to know Namibia and its people.