Geingob cracks whip at deputy ministers

13 Feb 2018 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 13 FEB (NAMPA) - President Hage Geingob lashed out at some deputy ministers who could not answer their cellphones when his office tried to reach them.
During a swearing in ceremony at State House on Tuesday, Geingob said the Office of the President (OP) tried calling the deputy ministers so he could talk to them and they could not answer their phones.
“Two at least were in the cabinet. My office called so i can talk to them before they get their letters [of appointment]. Thats a bad beginning already. Government is giving you your cellphones. It’s not for business, it should be reached wherever you are,” Geingob stressed.
Geingob noted that the swearing of ministers and deputy ministers in is not a joke.
“This is the year of reckoning. You will be sworn in today, you can get out tomorrow too,” he said.
The Head of State on Monday announced a new list of deputy ministers, which featured two new appointees and several redeployments to other ministries.
The two newly appointed deputy ministers are former Swapo Party Youth League Secretary, Veikko Nekundi and fellow Swapo Member of Parliament, Bernadette Jagger.
Nekundi takes up the position of deputy minister of public enterprises, while Jagger will occupy the same post at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
The re-assignment of deputy ministers was necessitated by the recent Cabinet reshuffle, which amongst others saw the promotion of three long serving deputy ministers to full ministerial posts.
Deputy minister Stanley Simataa was promoted to Minister of Information, Communications and Technology while Deputy minister of International Relations and Cooperation Peya Mushelenga was promoted to serve as Minister of Urban and Rural Development.
Erastus Uutoni was elevated to Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service.
“In Swapo we groom, not just to climb the tree from the top. You climb the tree from the bottom,” he noted.
Chief Justice Peter Shivute officiated the ceremony.
The six deputy ministers and minister who took their oath at the ceremony were Simataa; Mushelenga; Nekundi; Jagger; Uutoni and Sakeus Shangala.