Oshana regional treasurer blames 'Harambee witch-hunt' in coordinator's arrest...as SPYL hits back at 'disunity instigators'

February 12, 2018, 5:56pm

PHOTO: By John Walenga


Swapo’s Oshana regional treasurer, Malakia Petrus Katumbo, has fingered ‘team Harambee’ for political witch-hunt in the arrest of the Oshana regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo after he was found in possession of stolen cattle.

The Namibian Police in the Oshana Region accompanied Nelongo to his farm at Omangeti in the Oshikoto Region on Monday morning to go and conduct further investigations on the theft case.

Nelongo was arrested this weekend and charged with stock theft under CR 88/22/2018.

Oshana police's regional investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Hilja Haipumbu, confirmed to The Villager that police investigators took Nelongo to his farm to go and conduct further investigations but that she has not received results from the investigators as they were still at the farm late Monday afternoon.