Boyfriend kills and buries girlfriend at Rundu

12 Feb 2018 15:40pm
RUNDU, 12 FEB (NAMPA) – The body of a young female was on Monday dug up by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) after the deceased was allegedly strangled to death and buried by her boyfriend.
NamPol’s Kavango East Crime Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bonifasius Kanyetu told Nampa that the deceased was one of the newly appointed teachers at Martin Ndumba Combined School in Divundu this year.
According to Kanyetu, the deceased’s mother had reported her missing to NamPol, after which the boyfriend, a 32-year-old man, was arrested and questioned with regards to her disappearance.
The suspect allegedly confessed to strangling and killing the woman, before escorting the officers on Monday to the place where he had buried the body.
Kanyetu explained that a history of violence existed between the couple and cautioned that violent relationships that are known by the family should be reported to the police to avoid these kinds of situations.
“Namibia is a country that already has a small population. So we should avoid incidents of this nature,” he added.
It is alleged that the deceased was strangled, but a post-mortem still has to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.
The victim’s identity could not be revealed as her next of kin have not yet been informed.
The suspect is expected to appear in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.