Namibia rallies in hockey world cup...defeats Ukraine and draws with Russia

February 11, 2018, 5:30pm

Namibians reclaimed their footing in the indoors hockey world cup when they defeated Ukraine after an uncomfortable start (3-2) only to have last efforts to clinch fourth position in pool B halted by the Russians after both teams drew. 

The girls emerged out of a sobering defeat at the hands of the Germans (12-0) only to suffer another agonizing defeat from the Czechs (6-2), however the Russians stopped them in their tracks.

In a blistering performance that saw captain Maggy Mengo rallying her team, Namibia had a chance against the Russians last Friday where they had an upper hand and opened the match with a leading goal from Gillian Hermanus.

Kiana Cormack-Che came out dangerously and gave Namibia a second score which she put in via a penalty corner in the ninth minute.

Russia grabbed the opportunity of a penalty stroke which was taken by Valeria Borisova in the 20th minute and shook the nets.