Malema case postponed to Sept 2014

November 18, 2013, 3:46pm

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Julias Malema has come out with guns blazing at his former comrades from the ruling party ANC for trying to “silence him” by bringing fabricated charges against him as reported by SAPA.

"They accuse me of stealing because they are failing to match my thinking capacity," he told his supporters outside the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Monday shortly after his corruption trial was postponed to next year.

This postponement basically gives him the ability to contest in next year’s elections as the leader of the EEF party as the case has been postponed to at least September 30 2014. The general feeling amongst those close to the case is that he might never even stand trial as he instigated measures to have the case thrown out for lack of evidence. He might be back in court next week (28 November) to try and have the case closed once and for all.  

All this limelight seems to be working in his favour as television and radio stations and internet sites have been dedicating time and space to report about him. His court case had a very high attendance with his supporters brandishing party regalia and flags.

As reported by News24, the former ANC Youth League leader appeared after allegedly making nearly R4m from corrupt activities. He is out on bail of R10 000 and faces charges of fraud, corruption, money-laundering, and racketeering.

In an interesting case of “don’t feed the dog with milk lest it bites you tomorrow”, Malema has been a thorn on ANC’s side ever since he was suspended and ultimately booted out of the ruling party. He has since formed his own party and intends to challenge for the right to govern the country based on the notion of nationalisation which involves taking back the riches from the rich to the previously disadvantaged people.

His promises has had people divided and scratching their heads. Others are in support of his intentions to bring prosperity to his people by grabbing land, companies and resources from the rich few and re-distributing it to the masses. These supporters are very vocal and are largely people in their youth. Others on the other hand, feel his rhetoric is meant to divide and will destroy the South African economy as investors will not feel safe in an environment with no control.