PDM condemns killing of white commercial farmers

08 Feb 2018 10:10am
OSHAKATI, 08 FEB (NAMPA) – The Popular Democratic Party (PDM) through its Secretary General (SG), Manuel Ngaringombe has expressed great concern over the brutal killings of white commercial farmers as well as women and children in Namibia.
This comes after yet another elderly couple was allegedly murdered by three suspects at their farm, Lindeshof in the south of the country.
In a media statement issued on Wednesday, the party condemned these acts and called on the government to intervene as soon as possible.
“Namibia has become a safe haven for these brutalities and it must be condemned with the contempt it deserves,” Ngaringombe noted.
According to the party SG, these brutal activities are tarnishing the country’s good image and are diverting foreign investors and tourists to other safer destinations.
“All these actions are not the government’s doing, but it has over the years failed to adhere to its constitutional obligation of ensuring the protection of the general welfare of all its citizens, including safety and security, because the measures in place are very minimal and only come afterwards,” the party expressed.
Ngaringombe however added that the State alone cannot fulfil this mandate without cooperation from the general public and that there is a need for all members of the public to be actively involved in fighting and preventing crime.
“We call upon the government and private sector to join hands and create employment opportunities for every able bodied Namibian to join the sphere of economic struggle and grow our economy, with hope that this will eventually reduce crime if everyone lives in peace and harmony.”
The opposition party also applauded the great efforts by members of society as well as the Namibian Police in combating crime and bringing culprits to book.
The party urged the strengthening of neighbourhood groups on commercial farms in order to tighten the safety and security of those vulnerable to these cruel acts, especially pensioners living on farms.