Ditshabue pleads for upgrading of Corridor 13 road

18 Nov 2013 10:50am
CORRIDOR 13, 18 NOV (NAMPA) – The Bakgalagadi ba Namibia Traditional Authority based at Corridor 13 in the Aminuis Constituency of the Omaheke Region has appealed for an upgrade of the road which connects their settlement to that of Aminuis.
Chief Hubert Ditshabue told Nampa on Monday that the condition of the 40km-stretch road connecting these two places has deteriorated to such an extent that driving there has become a nightmare.
Although Corridor 13 has attained settlement status some few years back already, investments here are often hindered by the bad condition of the road, inadvertently depriving residents of the area of much-needed development.
“Driving along this road is almost impossible. The whole road is riddled with potholes, and a person can hardly drive above 40km/h along it. As such, we appeal on those in charge to either upgrade this road to better standards, or at least send out regular maintenance teams to grade the road,” he noted.
The Bakgalagadi leader said most of his subjects, who are largely concentrated in the Corridor area, are cut off from the rest of the constituency as only a few vehicles dare drive along the road to Aminuis.
“My people would also, like any other resident of Aminuis, want to access services and goods offered in Aminuis, but it has proven to be a cumbersome process for them.
Many of them are poor, and rely on the goodwill of those with motor-vehicles to take them along to Aminuis – something which does not happen often,” he stated.
While welcoming the planned tarring of the Gobabis-Aminuis road as part of the road leading up to Aranos in the south of Namibia, Ditshabue said it would make more sense to at least make the road to Corridor 13 driveable.
The upgrading of the Gobabis-Aminuis-Aranos road to bitumen standards is expected to ease transport and travel on that highly-utilized gravel road, and is expected to start in mid-January 2014.
The C 22 road to Aminuis has for long been a source of concern to motorists due to its current state, which has made travelling along the road a cumbersome and often dangerous undertaking.
Corridor 13 is situated some 200km south-east of Gobabis, and 60km east of Aminuis.