Trackfo and Nobi collaborate on Ondaza Nale

February 4, 2018, 5:10pm

Afro Pop artist Tuuda Dumeni aka Trackfo Wako D’ Vovo and rapper Casa-Nova Daniel better known as CasaNovaDattNobi have just collaborated on a brand-new hit single titled Ondaza Nale.

Trackfo is a musician who hails from the Omafo Village where he completed his primary school and moved to Windhoek in 2003 to complete his secondary school at Ella Du Plesis.

He has two albums under his belt, The Return of The Truth which was released in 2013 and The Relic Hunter dropped in 2016.

“Ondaza Nale simply just means we come a long way together, it is a song which talks about being friends for a while and still keeping the fire burning without having to have unnecessary fights,” he said.

According to the Afro Pop artist, both have equal rights to the Ondaza Nale and will be included in both musicians’ upcoming albums.