Ndeitunga challenges police officers at Rehoboth

04 Feb 2018 11:20am
REHOBOTH, 04 FEB (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga said police officers in Rehoboth should make sure that criminals are chased out of the town regarded as the “hotspot” of crime in the Hardap Region.
Ndeitunga made these remarks during his visit to the southern town, where he addressed approximately 40 community members and members of NamPol at JTL Beukes Primary School Hall on Saturday.
“Criminals do not discriminate as they always work out strategies to commit these crimes. If the criminals can work out strategies, you as citizens and residents should stand united and fight them back and chase them out of your town,” Ndeitunga remarked.
He further said people harbor criminals in their houses and in doing so also contribute to the high crime rate in the town.
“I have on several occasions received complaints from the residents of the town asking me to remove the whole police force of the town as they are working together with criminals and not doing their work as they are supposed to do. I have therefore come to your town to address you and make sure the police know and understand their duties,” Ndeitunga said.
Ndeitunga warned the police against engaging in criminal activities and said they will be dealt with accordingly and shown the door if necessary.
“Not all police are lazy or do not perform their duties, but they should make sure that the police enjoy and get the necessary trust and respect from the public,” Ndeitunga noted, adding that police officers should change their arrogant behavior towards the public and assist them to the best of their abilities.
He further urged the Rehoboth police to make sure criminals are arrested and dealt with by the full wrath of the law.
“I am challenging you to clean up the town. Get rid of the criminals. I am giving you chance till July or else I will transfer you to other stations,” Ndeitunga concluded.
Ndeitunga will also visit other towns and villages in Hardap Region. The visits to the two southern regions started last week in //Kharas Region.