Infighting allegedly divides Rundu Town Council

02 Feb 2018 15:50pm
RUNDU, 02 FEB (NAMPA) – Infighting at the Rundu Town Council allegedly nearly led to an altercation between town mayor Verna Sinimbo and chairperson of the management committee, Annastacia Sinduvi.
Insiders say two issues led up to the disagreement, one being division in the council on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) deal with Armstrong Construction and the other a meeting the management committee held with staff members seeking feedback on incomplete projects.
Armstrong Construction is seeking N.dollars 337 million in compensation for a deal which would have seen them construct 600 houses.
The agreement was however cancelled as irregularities were detected and Armstrong Construction now says it is owed N.dollars 337 million for servicing the 600 erven.
Sinimbo reportedly wants the agreement re-negotiated, while the management committee wants the matter to proceed in court because of the irregularities.
The current council was sworn in December 2015 and consists of Sinimbo, Ralph Ihemba, Toini Hausiku, Anastacia Sinduvi and Isak Lumbala from Swapo, Mathew Wakudumo of the All People’s Party and Reginald Ndara of the Rundu Concerned Citizens' Association.
Hausiku and Lumbala serve as members of the management committee.
The council along with their lawyers, Kadhila Amoomo Legal Practitioners, questioned the validity of the agreement and the legality of the signatures on it.
The agreement was not co-signed by the chairperson of the management committee of the previous council, Johannes Murenga, rendering it void.
The first agreement was signed on 25 March 2014 by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Romanus Haironga, who is currently on suspension.
The second agreement was signed on 02 April 2014 by the CEO and Murenga.
Insiders informed this news agency that a physical altercation nearly erupted between Sinimbo and Sinduvi because the mayor is said to have felt that the management committee undermined her authority when they held a meeting with staff members where they sought feedback on why certain projects were not implemented.
Sinimbo allegedly approached the Swapo Party District Coordinator of Rundu, Urban, Malakia Muranda, to discuss the issues in the council and a mediation meeting was then called in which the altercation allegedly took place.
Approached for comment, Sinduvi said she was not at liberty to talk about council matters. She added that they are just doing their best to serve residents.
“We just want to serve the people of Rundu like we promised to do when they voted for us,” she said.
Sinduvi referred this agency to the mayor, who confirmed the meeting with the district coordinator but said there is no infighting in the council.
She said it is normal for people to have different views on certain matters and they should then just discuss these and come up with solutions.
With regards to the PPP, she said a meeting was held on Wednesday but she could not comment yet as they plan to have another meeting to see how the matter can be resolved amicably.
“We plan to have a council meeting tomorrow (Thursday) where some decisions will be taken,” said Sinimbo.