Haingura warns against illegal hunting

01 Feb 2018 15:00pm
GOBABIS, 01 FEB (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Omaheke Region has warned members of the community to desist from aiding illegal hunting activities.
NamPol Regional Commander for the Omaheke Region, Commissioner Andreas Haingura in an interview with Nampa on Thursday said illegal hunting of game continues to be a problem in the region.
He warned members of the public who hunt game, either to sell or for the pot, without the necessary permits, and out of hunting season to desist from such practices, as the long arm of the law will catch up with them.
Haingura said many people are ignorant of the fact that they could face prosecution if they are found to be in the possession of game products without a valid permit.
“If you are found with game meat in your vehicle, you must be able to produce a valid permit to allow us to trace if such meat was acquired legally. This is common sense and the law will not hesitate to take its course if you are found to be contravening certain provisions of it,” he said.
The regional commander said it has become a habit for some business owners to engage in illegal hunting activities, especially on commercial farms, to aid their business activities.
He said business people often take the easy way by getting their meat for free and therefore maximising on their returns.
The commissioner warned that those buying such products also add to the problem, as illegal hunting then becomes a lucrative business.
“Those breaking the law intentionally will face severe punishment when caught. Business people know the implications of buying game that was illegally acquired. As such, the law will be enforced to its fullest,” he noted.
The most frequently poached animals are warthogs, kudu, oryx, hartebeest and steenbok. All these fall under the category of huntable game, but hunting them is punishable if done without a permit, he added.