Three found guilty of killing Cimbebasia pensioner

01 Feb 2018 14:20pm
WINDHOEK, 01 FEB (NAMPA) - Three people on trial in connection with the death of 78-year-old Gideon 'Koos' Johannes in August 2009 in Windhoek, were all found guilty as charged in the High Court on Thursday.
The three persons, Nelsiene Utiapatie Kauaria; 29; George Tjikuao Katjingisua; 31; and 30-year-old Erwin Kasorere Tjiueza Katjingisua, were each found guilty on the charges of murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances and attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances in a judgement handed down by High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka.
Kauaria, who was the girlfriend of the deceased at the time his death, was found guilty on a charge of murder with dolous eventualis for her roles in hiring the two men to kill the deceased and for the reason that she was personally present at the scene when two men stabbed the deceased to death in 2009 in the Cimbebasia residential area.
The two Katjingisua men were each found guilty on a charge of murder with direct intention to kill, having been responsible for the stabbing that claimed the deceased's life and for having stuffed a t-shirt in his mouth to prevented him from screaming.
Furthermore, the three were each found guilty on the second and third charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances and attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances.
The trio was however found not guilty on a fourth charge of conspiracy to commit robbery with aggravating circumstances.
The three had pled not guilty to all charges in November 2013.
During the hearing of a trial-within-a-trial, the three persons also suffered a heavy blow when their confessions and other related self-incriminating statements were admitted as evidence before court and used by the prosecution against them during the main trial.
According to the evidence provided, the trio assaulted the victim by hitting, kicking, and stabbing him with a knife or knives before tying his hands and feet and stuffing a t-shirt into his mouth and stealing a Tedelex television set, one Panasonic car radio/tape, a Wahl hair clipper, a Nokia cellphone, a grey suit and trousers.
The prosecution further stated that the trio also attempted to steal Johannes' Ford motor vehicle by tampering with the wires of the ignition lock, but failed to start it.
After killing the deceased, the trio locked him in the bathroom of his apartment and he died due to suffocation and injuries sustained as a result of the stab wounds.
All three remain in police custody until 27 February 2018 for the presentation of the pre-sentencing evidence before court.
State-funded lawyers Louis Karstens, Monty Karuaihe and Winston Visser defended the three accused.