Lack of public toilets in Rundu disappoints residents

01 Feb 2018 06:00am
RUNDU, 01 FEB (NAMPA) – Residents of Rundu are complaining about the lack of public toilets in the town.
Johanna Kamunima, a resident of the Tuungeni residential area, said the lack of toilets is a problem, especially since Rundu is one of the fastest growing towns in Namibia and gets a lot of visitors.
“One should make sure to use the toilet before going to town because there are no toilets in the central business district for the public,” she told Nampa on enquiry Tuesday.
Bonifatius Kudumo, a young entrepreneur, suggested that if the council is not able to build public toilets, it can avail land within the town centre and businesspeople can bid for the construction of such facilities.
“People can pay to use the service and that money can be used to pay the people maintaining the toilets,” Kudumo said.
He also advised that if that is not viable, portable toilets could help.
Currently, people have to make use of toilets at fuel stations or shopping malls, where a fee is charged.
Approached for comment on Tuesday, acting Chief Executive Officer of the Rundu Town Council, Fransisca Thikerete said plans for the construction of public toilets have been hindered because of a lack of finances.
She said in 2015, the council conducted a survey to find suitable areas for public toilets. One of the sites identified as suitable was Cuca Tops, a popular spot where many street vendors sell their products.
However, the plans were put on hold because of the town council’s economic situation, said Thikerete.
She also said according to the health regulations of the council, every shopping mall or business establishment is required to have ablution facilities for public use.