Councillor hails Aminuis road upgrade project

31 Jan 2018 06:20am
By Charles Tjatindi
AMINUIS, 31 JAN (NAMPA) – Aminuis Constituency Councillor, Peter Kazongominja has expressed happiness with the progress of the Gobabis-Aranos road upgrade, noting that the road will help develop the constituency once completed.
Kazongominja told Nampa in an interview on Tuesday the completion of the first phase of the project, which stretches over 120 kilometres (km) from Gobabis to Onderombapa in the Aminuis Constituency, has made travelling much easier. The total length of the road will be 240km, and will link the Omaheke Region’s main economic centre of Gobabis to Aranos in the Hardap Region.
The road covers an extensive part of the Aminuis Constituency, which Kazongominja believes will be an economic boost for the constituency.
“I am satisfied with the progress so far, as well as the standard of quality employed during the construction process,” he said.
The councillor said those travelling along this road, especially businesspeople who frequent it for travels to Gobabis to buy stock and raw materials, have expressed their satisfaction to him.
“People are appreciative of Government’s efforts in this regard, as many whom I have spoken to have noted that doing business in Aminuis is now better due to this road,” he said.
Kazongominja said the second phase of the road will be started as soon as more funds are availed to the Roads Authority (RA) for the project.
“I was informed by the RA that it had asked for more funds from Government to start the second phase of the project, and that it is now only waiting on central Government to avail funds for the project,” said Kazongominja.
The C22 road to Aminuis has for long been a source of concern to motorists due to its bad state, which made travelling along the road a cumbersome and often dangerous undertaking.
The road is being upgraded to bitumen standard to solve these issues, and also to link the Omaheke Region with the southern part of the country by tarred road.
The Roads Contractor Company at the start of construction in 2013 said all necessary safety measures will be put in place to ensure that the road, which passes through high density residential areas, does not endanger the lives of those who live along it.
At most places, the speed limit for the road will be 120km per hour.